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Event Management For Product Launch
    Da Eventz is the best event management company for new product launch. We are extremely proud in launching the India's premium brand Car, Maruti Suzuki - Alto 800 and many series of cars, Sharptronics new showroom opened in Chennai, Pantaloon, Reebok, Konica cameras, Wheels India, L&T etc.

India's Best Event Management Company:
Every product is different, with its own style, personality and most importantly, its own consumers. That means every product launch event should be different too. How different the product launch event should be!  We can help you come up with innovative and creative ideas to entice guests to your launch and create a bigger impact then just the hard sell. Attention to detail is key for a product launch and we will look at every aspect, right down to colors of the fascinator we are styling the waiter’s and waitresses with or the name of the cocktail your guests will be drinking. 

You want this event to be an event to remember and for it to be talked about for weeks and weeks to come. And the experience doesn’t end when the event finishes, Story can help you work on an impactful cool down campaign that will leave a positive memory in your guests minds.

When it’s time to launch a brand new product – whether to distributors, sellers, media or the general public, you’ll know how important it is to take this one chance to make a positive and vibrant impression, and to gain the maximum possible attention. You’ll also have so much on your mind regarding the product itself that finding and making full use of an experienced company who can handle all the event logistics is vital. Here at DAEVENTZ, we are about to move into our third decade as a product launch company, with many successful such occasions behind us.

Through the above, and many other activities, we will work with you to create a project management package that delivers the results you expect within the budget you allocate. We will also handle any event risk, security, and insurance arrangements. DAEVENTZ will provide the ideas, advice and technology to help deliver the strong messages and powerful impressions that will help make your product launch event a great success.

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